Admin designated approvers can review and approve/reject team and individual OKRs.   

Step 1 - Click on the "OKR Approvals / Reviews" link in the navigation menu. 

Step 2 -There are two tabs Individual objectives and Team objectives.

Find out the objective and then approve/reject. Click on the "Approve/Reject" link next to the OKR to be reviewed.


Step 3: You can add comments and then either approve or reject the OKR.  

Click "Yes" in the confirmation dialogue. 

The OKR is now approved.  

Rejection of OKR

There will be scenarios where the created objective won't be of any value or may be irrelevant, in that case, the manager or designated person can type in the comments as to why the objective is rejected. 

This action will open a dialogue window, click on "Yes" to reject the objective. The OKR is now rejected.