Transparency is a crucial aspect of any successful OKR implementation. Synergita OKR offers the flexibility to set the right visibility for objectives, aligning with the organization's needs. Let's explore the functionality and significance of this feature in detail. The visibility function is available for Company, and Team Objectives pages. 

In the image below, you can see the Visibility field on the Objective creation page.

Public Objective: Choosing this option makes the created objective visible to the entire organization. Public OKRs promote transparency and motivate different departments to contribute to the progress of Company Objectives.

Example: If the company's objective is to achieve $1 million in revenue, making it public will inspire and drive all teams to work collaboratively towards reaching the target.


Confidential Objective: Selecting this option ensures that the created objective is visible only to specific individuals who have the privilege to view confidential objectives. Some objectives might contain sensitive or legal information, which is better kept confidential. Users can be added for each confidential OKR to provide view access for it and its aligned OKRs.

Steps to create Confidential Objectives:

  • Navigate to the create objective page  (Company or Team), depending on where you want to create the objective.
  • Fill out the form with the necessary details for the objective, such as Objective name, Start date, Due date
  • In the visibility section, select "Confidential" to indicate that this objective is to be kept private.

  • After selecting the Confidential radio button, a text box called Choose User should appear. 

  • In the text box, add the names of employees who should have view access to the confidential objectives. This grants them permission to see the details of the objective.

  • Once you've added the desired users, Submit or Send for Approval to complete the creation of the confidential objective and grant access to the chosen employees.

Note: The users with view access would also be able to view the OKR aligned to this OKR. 


    Individual Objective Creation pages do not have a visibility field. By default, individual objectives are visible to everyone across the organization. The person who created the objective and privileged users will have access to view it.