Updating OKR progress is a crucial step for organizations to track their performance towards achieving targets effectively. Synergita OKR provides a straightforward and user-friendly process for updating progress. Follow the steps below to update OKR progress:

Step 1: Access Objective page

  • Click on Objectives page (Company / Team / Individual) on the left navigation menu to access the Individual objectives page.

  • On clicking the objective page, you will be directed to the respective objective page.
  • Choose the specific objective for which you want to update the progress.
  • You will be taken to the OKR Details page, where the objective and its Key Results will be listed.

  • For each Key Result, there is a progress update icon.
  • Clicking on the progress update icon will open the "Update Key Result" Pop-Up.

Updating Key Results Progress:

The progress of the Key Results can be updated in three ways.

  • Method 1: Drag/Slide the progress bar to the desired value representing the achieved progress.  

  • Method 2: Use the up and down arrow buttons to increase or decrease the percentage completed. 
  • Method 3: Fill the Achieved Target value in the designated field.


Save Progress:

After entering the achieved Key Result value, click on Update to save the progress of the Key Results. If you do not want to update the progress, click on Cancel button.

Automatic Overall Progress Update:

Once the Key Results' progress is updated, the overall progress of the Objective will be automatically calculated based on the pre-defined cumulative calculation.