Objective progress helps the teams and the individuals to know the progress that they have made for accomplishing the target and by knowing that they also take corrective steps if the progress is not as expected. This helps them to get motivated and also be self-aware of the limitations that they have. This article explains in detail the Update functionality of the Objective Progress in Synergita OKR. The steps listed below show how to update the objective progress. 


Step 1: Click on either of the objectives from the list of menu icons. 

Step 2: Clicking on the Objective icon will take you to the objective listing page. Click on the objective for which the progress has to be updated. 


Step 3: Click on the text icon next to the Target.  

You can manually drag the progress bar as shown in the above screenshot or click the up/down cursor button to record the target achieved. In the achieved target field, since the target type is text, you can enter the target achieved in text mode. 

If the target type is numeric, then you will be able to type only the number value in the achieved target field. 

  • Click on the edit icon next to the Achieved field. 
  • The progress chart will pop up. 


  • You can either drag the progress bar or click on the up/down cursor button or enter the number in the Achieved Target field.

Step 4: Once you have moved/clicked the achieved target value, click the "Save" button to submit the same.