Users can generate reports using Export icon.  Objectives and various fields associated with it can be exported as report whenever a user requires it. This article gives a step by step tutorial on how to export the objectives.

Step 1: Navigate to Objectives Page

  • Log in to your Synergita OKR account.
  • Locate the left navigation panel. 
  • From this panel, choose the type of objectives you want to export. The options are:
  • Company Objectives
  • Team Objectives
  • Individual Objectives

Step 2: Locate the Export Icon

  • Once you are on the desired objectives page, find the export icon located at the top-right corner of the page above the objectives. 
  • This feature is available on all three objective pages (company, team, and individual objectives).
  • Hover over the icon; you will see a tooltip that says "Export".

Step 3: Initiate the Export

  • Click on the export icon.
  • A message will appear, notifying you that a report will be generated and sent to your registered email address.
  • It might take few minutes for the report to be sent to the mail once generated.
  • The link that is sent through mail will be valid for 5 days.

Step 4: Objective Filtering (Optional)

  • Filter function can be used to select only the objectives that are needed for the filter. When a filter is applied, only the filtered objectives will be exported to the report.
  • The filter button is adjacent to the export icon at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Clicking on the filter button opens the filter popup.
  • Filters can be applied based on:  
    • Status: Choose from options like Leading, Lagging, On Track, Not Started, Completed, Awaiting Approval, or Rejected.
    • Due Date: Use conditional operators (=, >=, <=) or select 'Between Dates' for a specific range.
    • Objective Details: Filter by Objective Owner Name, Completion Percentage, or Updated on date.
    • Organizational Unit: Select the organizational unit, which is user defined.

  • After selecting the necessary filters, click on apply, the filters will be applied.

Step 5: Check Your Email for the Report

  • You can find a link to download the report in the email
  • Click the link and the report will be downloaded to your system

Important Notes

  • Only the objectives corresponding to the page you exported from will be included in the report. For example, if you initiated the export from the Team Objectives page, only team objectives will be exported.
  • The report contains lots of fields. The available fields are:

Objective Name

Measure by


Objective Target Type

Objective Start Value

Start Date

Due Date



Progress percentage

Owner Name


Aligned Objective Name

Objective Status

Contributor percentage

Key results

Key results target

Key results Target Type

Key results Start Value


Key results achieved

Key results progress percentage


If you face any issues during this process, ensure:

  • You are logged in with the registered email address where the report is to be sent.
  • Your email server is not marking Synergita OKR emails as spam.

For further assistance, contact Synergita OKR's customer support.