Cloning is intended to provide users with the ability to duplicate objectives across various types: Company, Team, and Individual. The cloning feature will allow a user to create OKRs quickly based on the existing OKR. 

Note: This feature is available only to OKR Growth users.


  • Access the left navigation panel of Synergita OKR application, and select the Objective Type.
  • Choose from Company, Team, or Individual objectives, depending on which one you wish to clone.

Initiating Cloning

  • Click the down arrow next to the objective you want to clone.
  • This opens a drop down showing various options. 

  • In the drop down, there is an option to Clone. Select this to start the cloning process.

Cloning Pop-Up Window

  • Once you select Clone, a popup window will appear with several fields:

  • Objective Name: This is pre-filled and non-editable to maintain the link with the original objective.
  • Start and End Dates: These are prepopulated but can be edited to suit the timeline for the new owner.
  • Key Result Options: Choose whether to clone with or without key results. Remember, you can only select one option. The functionality of each of these are given in the next section.
  • Owned By: Start typing the name of the new owner, and the auto-suggest feature will help you complete it.
    • If you opt to clone with key results, you can add up to ten users as owners, and each will receive a separate cloned objective.
    • If you choose to clone without key results, you can only select one owner.

Finalizing Cloning

Cancel: If you’ve changed your mind, simply hit Cancel to close the popup.

Clone: If all is set, click Clone to proceed with next step.


Post-Cloning Steps

  • If With Key Results option is selected, then the cloned objective will include all details from the original OKR, such as the name, start date, end date, and key results.
  • If Without Key Results option is selected, then Edit Objective page is opened with immediate focus on the empty key results section, prompting you to add new key results.
  • All other fields such as Objective Name, Start Date, End Date, and Owned By are pre-filled from the cloning popup, and additional details like tags or organizational units are cloned from the original objective.
  • Once Key results are added, depending on your OKR Configuration, the cloned objective can be submitted for approval or directly saved.


Additional Information

  • Access and Permissions: You can define who has the ability to clone objectives in the OKR Configuration section. It can be selected between All users and Reporting Manager. Cloning can also be disabled by selecting this toggle. 

  • Cloned OKRs will be labelled as (cloned)  for easy identification.