OKR Hierarchy tree is a powerful tool designed to enhance the visualization and management of your organizational goals. The benefits of the Hiararchy tree includes better goal alignment, visibility of alignment, and single place to view the aligned objectives This article focuses on the Tree View components of the OKR Hierarchy.

Understanding the Tree View

The Tree View in the OKR Hierarchy provides a visual map of your organization’s aligned objectives, showing how each goal, from the company level down to individual team members arranged from left to right.


Accessing the Tree View

Navigate to OKR Hierarchy tab on the left-navigation pane. The tree view is the default view when the page is opened. 

  • The Tree View displays objectives in a hierarchical format, starting from the top-level organizational goals down to individual objectives.
  • Click on any branch (objective) to expand and reveal its associated key results, including details like progress percentage and deadline. 
  • Click on the edit icon to update the key result progress.

Collapsed View

 Expanded View

  • Utilize zoom in/out feature at the bottom right of the screen, and dragging features to navigate through different levels of the hierarchy.


Editing and Updating Objectives in Tree View

  • The progress of the key results can be viewed and modified directly from the Tree View.
  • When an objective is clicked, the OKR Details page of the objective is opened, offering a detailed view and more comprehensive editing options.
  • The number of child objectives aligned to an objective can be identified from the circle A purple circle with black numbers and a white line

Description automatically generatedon the right side of each objective. For example, if the company objectives have 5 child objectives aligned to it, it will display “5” 
  • The child objectives can be hidden from the tree view or made visible, upon clicking on the circle.
  • The progress of all the child objectives can be seen on the connecting line next to the number of objectives.


The Tree View in Synergita OKR’s Hierarchy feature is a dynamic and intuitive tool that simplifies the visualization and management of your organizational objectives. By mastering the Tree View, you can enhance the alignment, transparency, and tracking of your OKRs, fostering a more goal-oriented and efficient organizational culture.