OKR templates can be used to make it easier for the users to create objectives faster from pre existing templates.


  • OKR Templates can be access from the Objective pages and create objective pages.
  • When there no objectives in a page, then there is a dedicated button on the screen to access the OKR Templates page.

  • Clicking on Create using template button to access the template page.
  • The template page can also be accessed from the create objective page, by clicking on See OKR Template page located at the top right of the page.

Template Page

  • The template page contains pre filled data of OKRs from different departments. They are split into company, team, and individual OKR pages. 

  • When an OKR template is selected, it will take you to the create objective page, with the objective name, and the key results pre-populated.
  • The rest of the fields like date and alignment must be filled before saving the OKR.

Creating Multiple OKRs.

  • Multiple OKR of the same type can be created using the template.
  • After selecting the different OKRs, you can click on the View Selected OKR button to proceed further. 

  • When the button is clicked, it shows the list of selected OKRs. The individual key results, or the entire OKR can be deleted by clicking on the delete icon next to each entity.
  • If more OKRs need to be selected, click on the Select more OKRs to go back to the template page and select more.
  • Clicking on continue will proceed to the next step.

  • If a different OKR type is selected from the existing selection, then the previous selection will be reset.
  • If multiple OKRs are created from the template, then they are saved as drafts in the objective page. Each draft can be opened and submitted individually to create the OKR.

  • Thus, by following the above steps, you can easily and quickly create OKRs.