• Synergita OKR contains an AI chatbot called OKR Buddy, designed to assist you by nproviding immediate, accurate responses to your queries. 
  • This article will guide you on how to effectively use the chatbot for assistance with questions about our product. 
  • The chatbot is equipped to offer comprehensive answers on a wide array of topics related to our product, such as:
  • Providing insights on best practices for setting and achieving your OKRs.
  • Offering guidance on troubleshooting common issues you might encounter.
  • Explaining product terms and concepts to help you better navigate your OKR journey.

Using OKR Buddy:

  • Initiate a Chat: Access OKR Buddy by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom right of the screen. 

  • Clicking on it opens a chatbox with the message “What can I help you with?"

  • Ask Your Question: Type in your query related to the product. The chatbot gives a detailed reply along with the link to a corresponding article if required.