The OKR Approvals/Review page is a vital tool within our product, allowing users to efficiently manage the approval and review process for both individual and team objectives. This page streamlines the workflow, ensuring better collaboration with organizational goals. Below is a brief overview of how to navigate and utilize this feature effectively. 


  • Accessing the Page: To access the OKR Approvals/Review page, simply click on the icon in the left navigation pane.
  • Tab Selection: Upon entering the page, you'll find two tabs—one for individual objectives and another for team objectives. Choose the appropriate tab based on your review or approval needs.
  • Sub-Tab Options:Within each tab, you'll find two sub-tabs:
    • Waiting for Approval / Review: Displays objectives that require your attention for approval or review.
    • Sent for Approval / Review: Lists objectives that you've sent for approval or review.
  • Filtering Options: Use the search box functionality at the top left of the page to filter objectives based on specific criteria. Additionally, utilize the status filter to narrow down objectives awaiting approval or review.

Approving or Rejecting OKRs:

  • Select Objective: Identify the OKR that requires approval or rejection and click on it to proceed.
  • Initiate Action: Next to the selected objective, click on the "Approve/Reject" link.
  • Provide Feedback: On the approval/rejection page, you'll have the opportunity to add comments providing feedback or reasons for your decision.

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