A Process Cycle represents a review process or a goal-setting process or a survey. It can be designed or configured by selecting employees, reviewer groups, the workflow, and privileges. 

The process cycle can regulate the scheduling and facilitate employee reviews more productively.The HR can track the cycle progress to ensure manager and employee reviews are completed within a given time frame.

A quick overview of 4 basic steps include   
  1. Add Cycle Details
  2. Add Employee List
  3. (Optional) Schedule Workflow Activity
  4. Confirm Cycle Setup

To start the process cycle  

Pre-requisite: As a prerequisite, before setting up the cycle, make sure that the employee data is updated with new joiners and attrition and that the feedback form/template is available for all the employees.

1. Navigate to Admin > HR Administration

2. Under Performance Module Setup, click Manage Process cycles 

3. To create a new process cycle, click Add.

4. In the Cycle Details tab, do the following.

Note: Here, the fields “Cycle Name”, “Template”, “Cycle Date”, and “Workflow” are mandatory. Do not skip these fields.

  • Name - Enter a unique name for the cycle (e.g. Annual Appraisal Cycle 2019, Quarter 1 Cycle 2019, Appraisal Cycle FY 2018-2019.)

The name of the cycle will display in all reports related to employee feedback and in concerned employee's performance.

  • Review form type - From the Template list, select the required review plan. The available review plan types include the Performance Appraisal Plan (PAP), IDP, PIP, PRP,  and Survey.

The Performance Appraisal Plan is the first key process that ensures the employees receive performance for the achievement of goals and IDP is the evaluation plan for the employee to develop an individual plan for the coming year.

  • Review group - From the drop-down, select the review group that will be doing the reviews for the employees.

  • Workflow - Select the respective workflow for the cycle.

  • Review Period-  Select the review period for which the goals are to be set or assessment is to be done.

If the review process is only qualitative( i.e. No Ratings & only Feedback comments has to be given for the respective stakeholders) then enable the below button, 

After entering all the details click on save and continue

  • To add employees in the cycle click on Add participant 
  • The filter option will allow you to add the employees basis the company, designation, location, etc. 

  • The Filter option can also be used to add the employees by searching and selecting their names.
  • Click on the select employee by name option and search the name of the employee and click on ADD 
  • Employees will be added to the cycles.

  • After adding the employees to the cycle, follow the below action to confirm the employees
  • Using Calendar, set the Cycle Date (the Start and End date range for beginning and ending of the cycle). This is the timeline for the assessment process.

To start the cycle immediately, set the start date to the current date. If setting up the cycle for a future date, the timeline will be adjusted according to the end date. 

Note: You can modify the start and end date of the cycle even in progress of the cycle in a case to extend the cycle when the reviewers and employees have not completed the feedback process within the timeline.

Bulk add/remove employees

  • To add employees in a bulk manner to the process cycles bulk add/remove option can be used
  • Click on Bulk Add/Remove participants 
  • Download the template and enter the employee number in the file save the same. 
  • Choose the file, once the validation is done click on Add 
  • Employees will be added to the cycle.

Remove Employees from the cycle

  • To remove employees from the process cycle, select the check box to the left of the employee name and click on the remove option to the right 
  • After selecting remove you can enter the reason for removal and click remove. 
  • Employees will be removed from the cycle.

Bulk removal of employees  

  • To remove more employees to the process cycles bulk add/remove option can be used
  • Click on Bulk Add/Remove participants 
  • Download the template and enter the employee number in the file and reason for removal and save the file.
  • Choose the file, once the validation is done click on remove
  • Employees will be removed from the cycle


Note: Employee Email ID is not mandatory

Employee Feedback Status Report - HR can download the Employee Feedback Status Report to track the workflow progress of the employees in the Process cycle. Please follow the below link for navigation. To download Employee Feedback Status Report, please follow the steps in the following article  - https://support.synergita.com/a/solutions/articles/4000060593

PS Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screenshots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.