Scheduling ensure the appraisal process happens in a controlled environment. You can set the timeline for each activity in the workflow while creating a feedback cycle. This process also helps to setup automatic alerts/email notifications. This also reduces substantial efforts in follow-ups by the Managers & HR Team and improves responsiveness of all the employees to complete the process in time

A feedback cycle is initiated by the Human Resource (HR) manager from the Home screen Navigation Bar click on IKJoAUO--JNOgkQSPeg3AKbJBRvJ7cN6lw.png -> HR Administration.


It takes you to the following page;

Click on Manage Feedback Cycle from the HR Administration Page, it takes you to the following page; This page lists the previous feedback cycles. 


Click on Add button, it takes you to the following page, where Feedback Cycle's can be created;

There are basically four steps in adding or creating a new feedback cycles, they are indicated in the Navigation Tab of Add Feadback Cycle;

  1. Cycle details
  2. Employee list
  3. Schedule
  4. Confirmation

Fill up the details in the first two steps (It is explained in detail in the solution “How to set up a feedback cycle”).

The third step is Schedule; here you can setup the time line or due date for completion of each activity in the workflow and can set-up automatic notifications or email reminders for each activity.

Scheduling time lines for performance appraisals

There are two Types available to set the due date;

  • Fixed: In fixed type you can choose a fixed date as a due date and the reminder will be set for that day.
  • Duration: Here you can set the due date by mentioning number of days from the cycle start date, and the reminder will be set for that day. 
  • In both cases the automatic notifications or email remainders will be setup automatically. 
PS: It is important to understand that to set the reminder notification, it should be configured separately. Here we just set the due dates for the reminders.

You can even edit the timeline or due date set for each work flow activity at a later point of time.

It is possible to set reminders via E-mail for each activity based on the due date and it is even possible to send escalation mails to the reporting manager if the employee didn't complete the task/activity with in the due date. 

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screen shots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.