The Human Resource (HR) manager can Add New Job Titles/Designations in the system; On the Home Screen screen Navigation Bar GoTo I_mIg1jQMgi_F8PmdjtuY2GT7N4_gQoXDQ.png -> Tenant Administration.

It takes you to the following Tenant Administration page; 


GoTo Profile Module Setup click Manage Designations 


Existing designations can either be individually deleted by clicking on the delete icon O9eUeTmHM50KzfrFRk35zvAE2sLhXHkMpg.png


Before the delete action is performed the system would popup an alert to confirm if the delete action was accidental. 


Select either JJmSp21UqtQwYSe0InX49lnb0OJO7kQ-rQ.pngor WmTosTXCjfkf4O8yzysQmV0-iptVrrRbYg.png to proceed further. 


To include new designations click on the DJ5tEGQkFQ8n8aQdf7g8o3LvwIWrGOMi_g.png icon. This opens a new window


Provide a unique Designation Name. It is possible to provide a brief job description for the each unique designations created, 

To complete the action Click on Save icon a07WMmLLUQC2b34XaZtT4U0mlPEew2hh9A.pngto include the designation & its job description to the existing list.

The new Designation will get included and you can view it reflecting in the Designation Name list. You can also edit it at a later time if required by clicking on the Edit option against the designation. 

To cancel the changes made click on kIXjHAFwxWs8TF41054Aca4BV6py5VWfaQ.png 

To deactivate a particular designation use the iVQThXwIAMevmXhz9zqkDREKVf9p4yaayw.png 

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screen shots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.