The configure PIP helps the HR to manage and configure the PIP option as per their requirement in the system. 

The configured PIP details will be accessible to the managers during the initiation of PIP.

To configure PIP:

Admin -> HR admin -> Configure PIP

The configure PIP page has multiple options to enable and disable the PIP activities.

To Setup PIP:

The below configuration can be enabled as per the requirement

  • The reviewer group with the raters for the PIP plan has to be selected in the Choose Reviewers dropdown.
  • The reviewer group selection option can be provided to the manager by enabling the Do you want to allow the manager to add/change the reviewers?
  • The Guidelines can be provided as a reference to the relationship who initiates the PIP and the Guidelines created in configure PIP will be displayed during create PIP.
  • During the feedback against the individual goals, the rating scale will be available. The required rating scale to be displayed can be configured in Choose rating scale option.
  • The PIP end date duration of days from the start date can be configured in the Performance Improvement Plan duration days. The end date will be automatically calculated and displayed based on the number of days available in the plan duration configuration.
  • If the managers have to edit the end date duration then Performance Improvement Plan duration days can be enabled for the manager.
  • Select Review Frequency option helps to trigger a notification email to provide PIP feedback based on the number of days selected.
  • Do you want to allow the manager to change the review frequency? - can be enabled for managers to select the review frequency time period.
  • Do you want to enable acknowledgment for employees? should be enabled so that the acknowledgment link will be sent to the employees.
  • Enable progress measure option helps in generating a progress bucket for the minimum and maximum score obtained for the PIP plan.
  • The visibility for the progress measure can be enabled for the required relationship.
  • Click on the Save button to enable the configuration of PIP in the system.

PSSynergita implementation for your Organization may vary on how the features are described here. The given screenshots may also vary from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.